Local Vibes, Global Cheers:
How a pub embracing its Roots has Won Hearts


How can a local pub successfully rebrand itself positioning against much bigger competitors to attract both locals and tourists while preserving its authentic charm?

Creating a critical compass that might be sustain the effort over time by consistently and delivering on promises and adapting to changing trends remains


A strategic rebrand—logo, messaging, signage, website, video, and collateral—that not only celebrates the local community but also pays tribute to the extraordinary “Night Companions” who make every pint memorable.


  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Branding and Identity Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Video Production


Sant Miquel


Food and beverage


Sant Miquel is a small local pub originally fund in the early 80s, nestled in a city renowned for its wild tourism. Despite its potential, the pub remained untapped. Recently acquired by new owners Jenny and Massimo, they saw an opportunity to transform Sant Miquel into a place where people could unwind and embrace the pub’s authentic old town atmosphere.


The turning point came when the owners witnessed the threat of the pub’s authentic charm being overshadowed by superficial and not genuine trends.The threats do not come only from bigger competitors but also from the inherent volatility of seasonal and unpredictable tourism surges. This new element of instability could disrupt steady patronage, leading to fluctuating revenues and compromised brand loyalty.


To envision the pub future transformation a strategic process was initiated. To achieve our goal, we narrowed the scope and constraints before getting into creative phases.

The owners faced the challenge of creating an effective positioning strategy against bigger, more established players, accordingly to the need to address the unpredictability of tourism flows while working within a limited budget. The process began with a fast and deep research phase by engaging with the local community and tourists, gathering data uncovering their desires and concerns. Design thinking principles guided the exploration of innovative ways to authentically honor tradition and attract a diverse customer base.

The gap between the current state and the envisioned revitalization became apparent, necessitating a meticulous plan and execution. This informed the development of a unique positioning that allowed Sant Miquel to differentiate itself as the familiar place for friends within the local community and as the classic destination for tourists seeking an authentic experience.

“we like here, no one here seems to be on our flight”

– Google Review

“love the loud music and the rock attitude, it’s something”

– Google Review


The copy strategy of the traditional pub Sant Miquel invites you to fully embrace everyday places, celebrating authentic moments of sociability.

Tone of voice: lively, playful, and cheeky.”


A transformative vision emerged—one rooted in a design-driven approach that spoke to the heart of the pub’s identity.
The intention was clear: to create a space that authentically resonated with patrons, reflecting the soul of Alghero.
This journey was about rekindling the spirit of the pub with an artistic touch that celebrated tradition in a modern light.


With the design finalized, the implementation phase posed unique challenges, considering the limited budget and the desire to maintain an authentic and genuine atmosphere.

We approached the implementation with a deliberate and measured pace, carefully ensuring that the new visual identity seamlessly integrated with each touchpoint.

This approach avoided any perception of abrupt or forced transformation, allowing Sant Miquel Pub to preserve its down-to-earth charm and avoid any notion of trying too hard; cool kids never try.

The gradual rollout, executed with precision and thoughtfulness, brought the revitalized Sant Miquel to life, captivating both the late-night-locals and the curiosity of tourists.

By striking a balance between progress and maintaining the pub’s roots, the implementation reinforced the pub’s commitment to providing an enchanting and memorable experience, while staying true to its humble origins.

“A place hidden between blocks of flats, easily protected from all the crowds that a small town like Alghero can offer. […] Tumbs up for creating this place!”

– A new friend of the place

“Craft beers, rock music, friendly atmosphere”

– A new friend of the place

“Punk rock atmosphere (5 stars)”

– A person who got immediately the situation clear

#3 ↑

— TOP 3 in Tripadvisor’s Alghero nightlife (surpassing many longstanding clubs)

— Significant reduction in customer complaints related to prior concern areas

— “atmosphere” and staff appreciation (in the reviews) is on point and specific

— reputation of the place went up among locals since the rollout took place

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