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PORTAEDILE, a leading distributor of building supplies in Alghero, Italy, faced a critical financial moment amidst challenging economic conditions in the industry. To overcome this setback, the company embarked on a strategic revitalization plan. They recognized the need to modernize their supply chain, gather customer insights, and enhance the b2c customer experience. Through a collaborative approach and internal capability audit, PORTAEDILE devised a clear brand positioning, reorganized their company structure, and implemented new marketing strategies.


With a new visual identity, expanded marketing channels, and a multi-purpose space, the company achieved increased brand recognition and customer engagement. The revamped b2b approach positioned the company as trusted advisors to their clients, while targeted B2C campaigns further elevated their brand presence. Additionally, they expanded their product lines, secured exclusive contracts and partnerships, and introduced new services, providing customers with more choices.


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The Goal

Over the past few decades, PORTAEDILE has been a prominent player in the distribution and delivery of building supplies in Alghero, Italy. However, the company faced a critical financial moment due to challenging economic conditions in the estate and building supply sector, especially in the local area. Recognizing the need for a strategic plan to overcome these obstacles and regain competitiveness, PORTAEDILE embarked on a transformative journey.

The Compelling event

The tipping point came when PORTAEDILE’s management realized the pressing need to address the company’s financial challenges and adapt to evolving customer preferences. The strategic plan aimed to revitalize the business, optimize operations, and regain market share. This compelling event propelled PORTAEDILE into action, determined to carve a new path to success.

The Gap

To address the challenges, PORTAEDILE initiated a comprehensive analysis of its operations, market trends, and customer behavior. They recognized the importance of modernizing their supply chain and inventory management systems to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, PORTAEDILE understood the significance of capturing customer insights, conducting surveys, and leveraging emerging technologies to tailor their product offerings to evolving demands. Enhancing the b2c customer experience and building long-term loyalty became a central focus.

We’ve got this big dream we’re building, right? Showing it to others can be like talking to a brick wall.

– Antonella, CEO

The Gamble

PORTAEDILE embarked on a collaborative journey with a selected group of customers, delving into their needs and aspirations. By uncovering the Human Truth that their customers were people striving to build something better for themselves, their families, or others, PORTAEDILE identified the unique value they could bring. The company underwent a thorough internal capability audit, aligning their strengths and opportunities with the customers’ evolving needs. This led to a clear brand positioning statement, a company reorganization, streamlined operations, and the ideation of new product services.

The Rollout

With the strategic initiatives in place, PORTAEDILE initiated the implementation phase. They developed a comprehensive marketing plan, leveraging customer segmentation and a coherent value proposition. A visual identity overhaul was undertaken, encompassing a new website, a blog connected with CRM tools, and in-house management of graphic assets. The process remains iterative, with ongoing brand guideline development, governance processes, and market monitoring.

The Gain

The outcomes of PORTAEDILE’s strategic initiatives were remarkable. A new visual identity and expanded marketing channels elevated their brand recognition and positioned them as trusted advisors to their B2B clients. The company witnessed significant growth in demand, attributed to expanded product lines, exclusive contracts, partnerships, and enhanced services. The B2C segment also experienced positive results, with outdoor and online campaigns driving brand awareness and customer engagement.

The Overall

PORTAEDILE’s collaborative approach, strategic insights, and commitment to meeting evolving customer needs showcased their competence and professionalism throughout the journey. By combining internal transformation, refined marketing strategies, and a distinct visual identity, they successfully revitalized their brand and positioned themselves as industry leaders. Their dedication to continuous improvement and responsiveness to market trends ensures they remain at the forefront of the building supply industry in Alghero, Italy.

A client recently […] was almost in disbelief that it was ours website—they said we’ve made a huge leap forward in our way of working. They were impressed and sounded happy for us!

– Rita, Operations Manager

After a while, we noticed that customers began talking about us as a brand that stands for something, one that they can recognize and even explain to others

– Antonella, CEO

↑ 35%

— Yearly RFQs from website only

↑ 75%

— SERP local search rankings for specific keywords

↑ 60%

— Organic monthly web visitors driven by SEO

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